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TeamWox: New Prices!

From 20 October, 2009, TeamWox is delivered at new prices, now depending on the number of users. The new offer has a basic difference from a previous one - now you can choose the most suitable version without spending extra money on unnecessary workplaces.

From today on, you can choose one of the three commercial offers. If you company consists of less than 25 employees, select the corresponding version of TeamWox. Its price is 3,400 USD only. This price includes one year of free subscription, which guarantees one year's technical support and all the system updates released for this period.

The price of the additional annual subscription has been also reduced and is now equal to 20% of the TeamWox price. However, this subscription is still optional, and the system will continue to operate even without it. Not subscribing additionally, you will get only limited technical support via our official forum, and the system will not be updated. Nevertheless, your TeamWox will continue to operate without any time or functional limitations.

As your company grows, and you employ more specialists, you can upgrade to the corresponding version. In this case, you pay only the difference between the version prices. For example, having TeamWox for 25 employees, you decided to upgrade to the 50-user version. In this case you don't have to pay the full price - pay only the difference (3,300 USD).

Attention: New prices are applied only to the standard delivery of TeamWox, when a system is installed on your hardware. The price of the SaaS version hasn't changed.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase TeamWox on the official site. Select any version of the system and use the most convenient way to pay: by bank transfer, by a credit card or via WebMoney. After we get the payment confirmation, our managers will contact you, and will provide you with the system and license files. If you have any difficulties, our technical support specialists will be happy to help you.

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