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TeamWox Groupware Support

On this page you will find useful information to help you successfully navigate through TeamWox Groupware.

For Clients

For detailed information about the TeamWox system, including information on its structure, features and advantages, please check out the TeamWox Groupware official website.

TeamWox Groupware System

If you have any questions that are not answered on the TeamWox website, please contact one of our specialists on the TeamWox forum.

For Developers

If you have experience in software development, you can make money with TeamWox Groupware. The system includes an SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be used for creating add-ins for the system. Going forward, you could distribute them on a paid basis and make a profit. We are ready to publish your developments free-of-charge on the official website of TeamWox.

Become the module developer (download TeamWox SDK here) and send your module for publishing.

For Partners

TeamWox Groupware: Become module developer!

Become our partner and start distributing TeamWox Groupware amongst your clients. This will enable you to gain additional profits while becoming a more valuable supplier for your customers.

The partner's fee is 20% of the contract. Find a new client, request a new license directly from the website and get your fees.

Should you want to discuss any questions by phone, call to our offices. For technical questions please contact our Russian branch.

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