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MetaTrader 4新功能


2 三月 2009

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Build 222

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 222 has been released.
Fixed CAB file for installation of terminal from PDA with Windows Mobile 2003 or lower systems.

6 二月 2009

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Build 221

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 221 have been released.

Fixed an error in the LiveUpdate system leading to the hanging of some devices with Windows Mobile 6.1 platform.

If the live update cannot be downloaded through the LiveUpdate system, MetaTrader 4 Mobile should be downloaded and installed over again.

19 一月 2009

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Build 220 and MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE Build 213

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 220 and MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE build 213 have been released.
Fixed the unconditional adding of all available symbols into the «Market Watch» window.

7 十一月 2008

New MetaTrader 4 Build 220

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 220 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed error of event sound play.
2. Fixed a number of errors resulting in terminal failure.
3. Fixed misprint in the Italian interface.
4. Tester: Fixed activation of Take Profit levels.
5. Tester: Improved reference point modeling.
6. Tester: Added automated deletion of records from the tester cash, if more than 24 hours have passed since their last use.

7 十一月 2008

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Build 219

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 219 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Changed interface.
2. Amended various dialogs for more convenient operation on devices with different resolutions and screen orientation.

27 八月 2008

New MetaTrader 4 Build 218

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 218 has been released.

What’s new:
1. MQL4: Fixed reinitialization of Expert Advisors at change of accounts.
2. Fixed calculation of a signal line for the Relative Vigor Index indicator.
3. Added extra checks of price correctness when placing a pending order.
4. Fixed setting of proxy parameters from a command line.
5. Extended records in a terminal journal at a partial closing of a position.
6. Fixed operation in MS Windows 2008.

28 六月 2008

New MetaTrader 4 Build 217

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 217 has been released.

What’s new:
1. MQL4: Fixed a compiler error that caused crash in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system.
2. MQL4: Fixed an error in the FileReadArray() function. When reading array lines, the number of read lines is returned now.
3. MQL4: Changed the calculation algorithm of ArrayMinimum() and ArrayMaximum() functions.
4. MQL4: Fixed an error of converting the line of «HH:MI:SS» type into a number of datetime type in the StrToTime() function.
5. MQL4: Fixed an error causing crash when a string variable is added to itself.
6. Tester: Fixed an error of Bid and Ask variables formation in custom indicators used by Expert Adisors tested.
7. Tester: Introduced additional checks of data discrepancy hen generating test sequences.
8. Tester: Fixed margin calculation after the triggering of stop levels.
9. Fixed an error of ExpertsDllConfirm parameter recognition in the initial configuration file.

21 五月 2008

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE Build 212

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE build 212 is released. In new version the terminal freezing at the attempt to register a demo account is fixed.

17 四月 2008

New MetaTrader 4 Build 216

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 216 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Tester: Provided correct initialization/deinitialization of libraries used by the Expert Advisor under test, at repeated passes and at optimization.
2. Tester: Fixed the triggering of Sell Limit orders when tested by open prices.
3. MQL4: Eliminated memory leaks occurring when referencing outside a string array.
4. When placing an order by Market Execution, disabled the feature of entering the values of SL and TP, the corresponding fields are blocked.
5. Fixed error of losing the data of off-line charts when attaching MQL4 scripts to such charts.