New section: install trading data widgets and share charts


22 July 2020

The website features the new Quotes section containing the relevant data on futures, financial and stock markets. It allows the monitoring of data from leading world exchanges and liquidity providers in real time. By utilizing such data, traders can stay up to date with any changes and take the correct trading decisions.

Install trading data widgets and share charts

Study price history and matrix, track rate fluctuations, compare symbols and convert currencies.



Monitor prices in the Overview — each symbol features bid and ask prices, as well as a stylized chart. To view a detailed symbol data just click on it.

The Forex Matrix tab allows users to select several currency pairs and monitor changes on a single screen. Clicking an intersection point of the two currencies containing a price, will open a detailed symbol chart.

The Currency Converter tab allows conversion of one currency to another. Choose the current rate or any other value from the history.



Working with charts section — traders are able to use and improve ready-made charts or create their own. Feel free to scale charts and apply any indicators for technical analysis.

Select Share in the upper menu to share your trading ideas with colleagues. You will get a direct link to the chart or an html code that can, for instance, be added to a blog.

All the changes you make on the chart are saved, while your recipient is able to edit them. This is convenient for team meetings or visual demonstrations.



Install Overview, Forex Matrix or Currency Converter in your website or social network — select the appropriate widget type, size and language, as well as default currencies. Make your web resource more attractive to visitors and retain visitation loyalty.

It is free of charge. The data is updated automatically. No ads are displayed on widgets.

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