New Finteza Web Analytics is out now with an improved bot detector


16 June 2020

Finteza developers have rolled out a new technological solution enabling traffic quality evaluation and efficient bot tracing. The new feature is designed to protect website owners against scammer traffic providers.

New Finteza Web Analytics is out now with an improved bot detector

The system performs a multi-stage comprehensive traffic assessment:

  • Stage 1. Technical parameters of visits are evaluated, and 12 types of bad traffic are identified according to formal metrics: the analysis of operating systems, browsers, IP addresses, screen resolution and others. Assessment results appear under the Quality page.

    The Quality page in Finteza

    Charts and diagrams show which group the bots belong to: spam sending, password guessing or malignant actions imitation. Particular attention should be paid to the "Referrer mismatch: spoofing" section. This section includes the traffic which tries to fake its source.

  • Stage 2. Visitor behavior analysis and bot detection with a breakdown by complexity level. The overall picture of bot traffic is shown under the Bot Score section:
  • The overall picture of bot traffic

A decrease in dark green traffic alongside an increase in other traffic types may indicate bot issues which can cause your business to lose money. Finteza delivers data in real time, enabling instant response to extreme situations.

Here is how the developers explain the detection mechanism: "Each visitor is checked and identified by a whole set of variables. Here are only a few examples of such variables:

  • Imitation of mouse movements or screen touches
  • Hardware type used by the visitor and hardware performance
  • The time between user actions

The above variables accompany the pool statistics, resulting to a total of more than 20 analytical distributions. If any discrepancy is detected, the visitor is given penalty points. The number of points depends on the violation severity. The points add up to the overall rating which is shown in Finteza."

Find out more about Finteza's Bot Detector here.

Earlier, at the end of April, Finteza developers announced a new eCommerce section allowing users to control multiple aspects of the sales system for eСommerce projects. It supports reports based on 8 types of events and 30 additional parameters by individual products or shopping carts.

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