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The following a list of MetaQuotes’ and its affiliates’ frequently used trademarks:

  • MQL4® — WIPO 986555, WIPO 1312532, Taiwan 01757256, Hong Kong 303406725, Rospatent 340878;
  • MQL5® — WIPO 1023842, WIPO 1315857, USPTO 3879299, Taiwan 01758372, Hong Kong 303406734, Rospatent 432642;
  • MetaTrader® — WIPO 957372, WIPO 1320153, USPTO 3182784, Taiwan 01757255, Hong Kong 303406707, UAE 249408, UAE 249409, Rospatent 281939;
  • MetaTrader 5® — WIPO 1045019, WIPO 1308336, USPTO 3896669, Taiwan 1776311, Hong Kong 303406716, Rospatent 430979;
  • MetaQuotes® — WIPO 1211460, USPTO 79150145, Taiwan 01758373, Hong Kong 303406743, Rospatent 308939;
  • MetaQuotes Software® — WIPO 1210218, USPTO 79149674, Taiwan 01778962, Hong Kong 303406743, Rospatent 540510;
  • MT4® — WIPO 1316074, Taiwan 01758370, Hong Kong 303406680, Rospatent 581779;
  • MT5® — WIPO 1315264, Taiwan 01758370, Hong Kong 303406680, RosPatent 581780;
  • TeamWox® — WIPO 946114, USPTO 79047228, RosPatent 356936;
  • Finteza® — WIPO 1393485, WIPO 1391612, USPTO 5537970, USPTO 5527173, Rospatent 660070, Rospatent 660071.

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