Algorithmic Trading

Let trading robots analyze the market and trade for you

One of the most fascinating possibilities provided by MetaTrader 5 is the algorithmic trading feature, which enables automated trading using robots. These applications can analyze the market and perform trading operations in accordance with a specific trading strategy.

The MetaTrader 5 platform provides a specialized MQL5 development environment for algorithmic trading. MQL5 IDE enables traders and programmers with any skill level to develop, debug, test, and optimize trading robots.

Algorithmic Trading in MetaTrader 5

If you are a novice trader, use the MQL5 Wizard for algorithmic trading. This convenient assistant will help you to assemble a simple robot of ready-made blocks.

For experienced developers, MQL5 IDE provides even more possibilities, such as the C++-like MQL5 programming language, the MetaEditor, the strategy tester with real tick support, and the Language Reference with detailed description of all language constructions.

If you are not familiar with programming, use ready-made solutions. Trading robots and technical indicators can be purchased from the Market, downloaded for free from the Code Base or can be ordered from professional developers:

We invite all algorithmic traders to join, which is the largest community of MQL5-developers. The website features a unique knowledge base and various services to help you monetize your programming skills.

Download MetaTrader 5 and explore all the opportunities of algorithmic trading!