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5 May 2022

MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting: 10 Gbps speed, low latency and global load balancing

MetaQuotes offers a new solution for brokers to assist in improving access to trading facilities while considerably reducing network delays. MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting improves customer service quality in high trading activity regions — the service provides quick and cost-effective deployment of secure access points for trading servers, which enable high-speed, reliable connection to the platform.

MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting: 10 Gbps speed, low latency and global load balancing

8 April 2022

MetaTrader 5 wins the Best Wealth Management Platform award

MetaTrader 5 has won the "Best Wealth Management Platform" award at the JFEX 2022. The Jordan Financial Expo, which took place between March 13 and 14, at the Crown Plaza Dead Sea resort, brought together leading financial companies from the MENA region. This award can be considered as another recognition for MetaTrader, establishing it as a frontier platform for hedge funds. Released in 2020, the updated platform offers a turnkey solution for mutual funds, prop trading and investment companies, right out of the box.

MetaTrader 5 wins the Best Wealth Management Platform award

14 March 2022

Equiti Group: "MetaTrader 5 is a key milestone for the company"

Equiti Group, a world-class provider of online trading technology and multi-asset financial products, has added MetaTrader 5 to its portfolio. The company believes that the platform will strongly facilitate the roll-out of its core multi-asset product offerings and the localization of investment instruments, which will support Equiti's global growth throughout the MENA region, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Mr. Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO

4 March 2022

MetaQuotes to present its latest developments at Jordan Expo

On March 13 and 14, our company will participate in Jordan Expo as a Platinum Sponsor. The participants of the 20th financial conference will focus on the development of the Forex industry, its current state, potential growth, key challenges and solutions. Also, discussion topics will cover digital currency regulation and decentralized technology integration aspects: government control, Fintech, insurance and trading.

MetaQuotes to present its latest developments at Jordan Expo

24 February 2022

Subscribe to signals from mobile terminals

Use your smartphone to copy trades of professional traders. The MetaTrader 5 mobile terminals for iOS and Android now feature the Trading Signals section allowing you to subscribe to any signal. You no longer need a desktop computer to perform copy trading. Choose the right signal, subscribe to it and copy trades around the clock. With a mobile device, you can manage signal settings and open positions. However, you need a virtual hosting for continuous operation. Therefore, we have added the ability to rent MetaTrader VPS on a monthly basis. Copying is done at a remote terminal. Everything is automated. You do not need to connect and configure anything.

Subscribe to signals from mobile terminals

23 February 2022

MetaTrader 5 wins the Best Trading Platform award at the Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2022

On February 17 in Dubai, the Forex Traders Summit organizers awarded the 50 most influential figures in the Middle East financial markets industry. During the ceremony, awards were presented to companies and individuals, who made significant contributions in shaping the markets by providing bright ideas and ultimately setting new standards. Being among the nominees, MetaQuotes won the Best Trading Platform award.

MetaTrader 5 wins the Best Trading Platform award at the Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2022

22 February 2022

MetaQuotes to reveal how to optimize a brokerage business at the Forex Expo

MetaQuotes is a Grand Sponsor of the Forex Expo which is held in Limassol on March 31. At the Parklane Hotel, industry leaders will discuss regulatory issues, new trends and developments, legislation and licensing, customer profit preservation, as well as promising areas in IT and broker software.

MetaQuotes to reveal how to optimize a brokerage business at the Forex Expo

17 February 2022

Check out the latest MetaQuotes developments at iFX Expo Dubai 2022

From February 22 to 24, MetaQuotes will showcase its latest developments at iFX Expo Dubai 2022, one of the world's largest events in the field of fintech, online trading and financial services. The exhibition has been bringing together professionals from Europe, Asia and the Middle East for more than 10 years. The organizers expect the event to host over 40,000 people and 1,750 exhibitors this year.

Check out the latest MetaQuotes developments at iFX Expo Dubai 2022

15 February 2022

MetaQuotes to present what it takes to start a brokerage business at the Forex Traders Summit

MetaQuotes will take part in the Forex Traders Summit Dubai, the largest Forex summit in the Middle East, on February 16 and 17. The annual event brings together hundreds of professional and novice traders from over 30 countries. The discussion topics are focused both on B2B and B2C models: individual investors, brokers and fintech companies are invited to join in. The key event of the summit is the award ceremony for the 50 most influential figures in the Middle East financial markets industry. Among the candidates are individuals and companies able to change markets, form progressive ideas and set new industry standards.

MetaQuotes to present what it takes to start a brokerage business at the Forex Traders Summit

14 February 2022

The leading algorithmic trading community announced that the total ready-made solution sales have reached 430,000

MetaQuotes has awarded the 491 best performing market sellers and freelance developers.

The market features more than 21,000 turnkey trading robots and indicators from experienced developers

10 February 2022

Saham Holding introduces MetaTrader 5 on the Saudi Stock Exchange

Saham Holding, a financial technology and securities firm, has become the first company to start providing real Saudi market data through MetaTrader 5. Saham distributes real-time and historical data for all Saudi financial instruments.

Mr. Abdulrhman Al Meshal, CEO of Saham Holding

8 February 2022

CFI offers more than 3,500 exchange-based US stocks on MetaTrader 5

CFI Financial Group, a globally regulated trading provider enabling next-generation access to the global financial markets, launches over 3,500 US exchange-based stocks on MetaTrader 5. The company continuously adds trading products that provide ever-increasing opportunities while enhancing the client trading experience, as well as catering to the growing demand for a flagship investment product.

Mr Hisham Mansour, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CFI Financial Group

25 January 2022

Seven Capitals on MetaTrader 5: "The world's best trading platform"

Seven Capitals, an FSC regulated broker, has expanded its product range with MetaTrader 5. To create a better first-hand customer experience, the company has launched the trading platform with demo and live accounts. As stated by Seven Capitals representatives, this has allowed the company to expand its global clientele and become one of the leading brokers in the Middle East.

Mohammed Shaheen, CEO of Seven Capitals

20 January 2022

One person passes all MetaQuotes certifications for the first time ever

At the end of last year, Mr Ihab Maximous, a specialist at Exinitic, set a unique achievement by passing MetaQuotes certification in all possible areas. Mr Ihab Maximous passed all three exams and received personal certificates of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform administrator, client manager and dealer.

12 January 2022

MQL5 Cloud Network reaches the capacity of 34,000 cores

Over the course of 10 years of MetaQuotes distributed network existence, it has seen the successful completion of 12,137,187,332 tasks.

MQL5 Cloud Network reaches the capacity of 34,000 cores

24 November 2021

Bolsa Descentralizada de Valores de Venezuela securities exchange launches MetaTrader 5

Bolsa Descentralizada de Valores de Venezuela securities exchange (BDVE) offers the derivatives market gateway to clients using MetaTrader 5. The BDVE offer includes derivatives issued by foreign and national regulated entities, including but not limited to, standardized Total Return Swaps (TRS), Futures and Options contracts. The standardization of TRS gives better trading conditions for market actors compared to those offered by OTC derivatives.

Mr Manuel Fajardo, President of Bolsa Descentralizada de Valores de Venezuela

12 November 2021

MetaQuotes celebrates 17 years of its algorithmic trading community

The largest community of developers and algorithmic traders celebrates its 17th birthday on November 11, 2021. The community history began from the launch of the website which was named after MetaQuotes Language 4, the integrated programming language for developing indicators and trading strategies for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. In 2010, following the release of the new MetaTrader 5 platform and MetaQuotes Language 5, the community turned into

MetaQuotes celebrates 17 years of its algorithmic trading community

5 November 2021

Exclusive Capital launches fractional shares through MetaTrader 5

Exclusive Capital, an EU regulated broker, has announced the launch of a new asset class, Fractional Shares, based on the MetaTrader 5 platform. As stated by the company representatives, investors will receive better control over their portfolio, along with more accurate diversification capabilities. Fractional shares are already available on the trading platform, fully complementing the company's offering.

Mr. Lambros Lambrou, Managing Director & Co-Founder Exclusive Capital

1 November 2021

MetaTrader 5 extends its lead over MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 5 trading servers utilization by brokers is increased by a factor of 1.5, compared to the previous platform version ones. According to our latest study, the percent utilization of the MetaTrader 4 servers has dropped to 36.7%. This is an expected dynamic change: back in June 2021, we reported that MetaTrader 5 had become more popular than MetaTrader 4 among brokerage companies, and the trend has been increasing since then.

MetaTrader 5 extends its lead over MetaTrader 4

20 October 2021

Tickmill launches MetaTrader 5 for next generation traders

Tickmill, the award-winning multi-asset broker, announced the addition of MetaTrader 5 to its range of trading platforms. "The move to launch MetaTrader 5 came as a result of an increasing shift of interest towards multi-asset trading and flexible platform solutions", says Ingmar Mattus, co-founder of the Tickmill Group. Not only does the platform deliver a powerful and functional trading environment but it also adds to the analytical capacity of the MetaTrader 4 platform, by offering superior analytical tools and algorithmic trading applications, such as Expert Advisors and copy trading".

Ingmar Mattus, co-founder of the Tickmill Group