MQL5 Cloud Network

The MQL5 Cloud Network enables fast optimization of trading robots through access to the processing power of thousands of computers from all over the world. The network unites remote agents of MetaTrader 5 platform users, and distributes computation tasks among them. Additional computer resources enable the MetaTrader 5 multi-threaded strategy tester to run hundreds of thousands of tests in a few hours.

Access the processing power of thousands of cores

The MQL5 Cloud Network resources can be accessed straight from MetaTrader 5. In addition to local and remote agents, the strategy tester provides access to the list of MQL5 Cloud Network agents on a territorial basis (e.g. MQL5 Cloud Europe). For quick access and better load balancing, all agents are registered at the nearest MQL5 Cloud Network access point.

Provide computing power and earn money

In addition to using the power of MQL5 Computer Network, you can provide CPU computing power to other traders and earn money. A computer can be easily connected to the MQL5 Cloud Network after a simple setup in the MetaTester, a component that is included into the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Statistics on the network usage and your earnings for the CPU power provided is conveniently collected in the profile. Information about agents appears in your profile immediately after they complete their first task.