HonorFX offers 165 trading instruments to its clients via MetaTrader 5


7 April 2021

HonorFX, the multi-regulated broker has switched to the most advanced trading platform for traders — MetaTrader 5, which enables trading in major financial markets. The company offers over 165 trading instruments across 5 assets classes via 3 different account types.

Andrew Ishchuk, CEO of HonorFX

Andrew Ishchuk, CEO of HonorFX

"We are confidently growing by utilizing the best trading platform in the market, offered by MetaQuotes. Therefore, we do not consider the addition of any other platforms" said Andrew Ishchuk, CEO of HonorFX. "MetaTrader 5 meets all of our clients' needs, thus we can stay focused on further sales and expansion goals."

HonorFX is a brand name of Honor Capital Markets Limited. Founded in 2018, the company provides services to clients from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, through its regulated organizations. The company offers region-specific products and services to meet local requirements. For example, it provides swap-free Islamic accounts for traders from the Middle East. Pandemic-related isolation and lockdowns, along with the unprecedented volatility, have helped in increasing trading activity and inflow of new customers. Currently, HonorFX is focusing on further business expansion into Asia and Africa.

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