4 reasons to rent a VPS for trading


26 January 2021

MetaTrader Virtual Hosting is designed for round-the-clock operation of trading robots and signal subscriptions even when your computer is turned off. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be rented directly from the MetaTrader platform. Our hosting service is a more efficient solution than ordinary VPS because it is specifically tailored for traders. You can select the most suitable server from a number of hosting points located in Frankfurt, London, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Chicago and Mumbai.

MetaTrader Virtual Hosting

More than 140 thousand people have already used VPS for MetaTrader. Furthermore, about 7 thousand new traders connect to the service every month. In total, they invest in virtual hosting over USD 1.5 million a year and use more than 50 million hours for algorithmic and social trading via the VPS.

Why tens of thousands of people rent our virtual servers:

1. It is failure free

We only work with the hosting companies which ensure the highest possible uptime of 99.99%. Therefore, you can be sure that your platform will be reliably connected to the broker's server and that your robots or signal subscriptions will not be interrupted. Stable connection is especially important for copy trading. A signal provider can trade in a different time zone or can execute operations during an inconvenient time frame. With the VPS, subscriptions smoothly operate around the clock, and thus the source time does not matter.

VPS for MetaTrader is an ideal solution for round-the-clock trading with which you can maximize your revenue by constantly being in the market.

2. Best execution

Execution delays can affect profits generated from trades. Even a delay of just a few milliseconds can be critical, as the price can change during this time. VPS for MetaTrader automatically offers an optimal server, which is located closest to your broker. This minimizes network delays between the trading platform and the trade server, saving valuable price pips.

By saving a few pips per trade, you can pay off the virtual server renting cost. The more trades you perform, the faster the cost will be paid off, and further savings will turn into profit.

Save a few pips per trade

3. Quick start

Nobody likes to get distracted from the main activity, especially if it is connected with money. That is why we have created an easy-to-start solution which does not require any extra effort from the trader. Migration to a VPS is a matter of a few seconds. The procedure takes only three mouse clicks for Experts Advisors, indicators, scripts and Signal subscriptions to be transferred to the virtual server. Applications purchased from the Market do not lose activations when launched on our VPS.

There is no need to set up the machine: renting a VPS for MetaTrader is as easy as installing a messenger or subscribing to a signal in the platform. This process does not require any additional administration or network engineering skills. You only need to select a plan, use a suitable payment method and initiate data migration.

Migration to a VPS is a matter of a few seconds

4. Free period

VPS rental costs USD 15 per month. It is more profitable to rent a server for a longer term: your discount can be up to 15% when paying for a year ahead. If you are launching the service for the first time, we will provide a 24-hour free VPS testing period for MetaTrader.

Rent a VPS for MetaTrader to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 trading with the best execution. Migration to a VPS is a matter of a few seconds. The solution ensures low delays and can be quickly launched with minimum settings. Save valuable pips, pay off your monthly rental fees and generate more profits.

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