MetaQuotes certification helps Market Equity employees get promoted


8 April 2021

Last year, MetaQuotes launched a new service — certification for specialists working with the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. We are pleased to announce that the quality of knowledge tested is greatly appreciated by the brokers.

Companies which have already went through the certification process for their employees have seen the benefits:

  • Staff training. In actual practice, some skills come in handy more often than others. Rarely used knowledge inevitably becomes forgotten over time. The certification covers all aspects of working with the platform and helps to refresh knowledge. After the exam, your employee will be ready to deal with any task related to MetaTrader 5. “Regardless of our experience, we still do not face the platform configuration in its entirety every day”, said Maxim Apanaskevich from FBS.

  • New knowledge. Many brokers' employees admitted that they learned something new about the platform during the preparation and are now applying that knowledge in their daily work, as noted by Roman Kovalenko from Exinity.

  • Official confirmation of qualification. The certification helps in assuring employee competency and broad understanding of concepts.

The MetaQuotes certification program has received a new level of recognition recently. Some companies have implemented it into their career pathways, and thus certification directly affects career progression and in return employee income. One recent example is Market Equity, which has made the certification mandatory for employees seeking a promotion.

Adnan Khalaf, Operations Director at Market Equity

Adnan Khalaf, Operations Director at Market Equity

"The certification helped not only to maintain knowledge, but to also train employees, as the exam is a valuable source of information", says Mr Adnan Khalaf, Operations Director at Market Equity. As a result, experienced employees became team leaders after getting the certificate, while new employees were promoted from entry to professional level. Passing the MetaQuotes certification has become a promotion requirement in some specific company departments.

The certification is available for three thematic areas: platform administrator, client manager and dealer.

The certification has two stages. First, candidates take the online test consisting of 80 questions. Here they need to choose the right answer from several options. The passing score is 70%. The candidates have two free attempts. The second stage is a video interview, during which a MetaQuotes employee tests the candidate's knowledge verbally. This usually takes about 30 minutes. The second stage costs USD 300. Upon successful completion of both stages, each participant receives an official personalized certificate from MetaQuotes.

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