MetaQuotes has released a messaging app with financial news and analytical tips for traders


23 March 2023

MetaQuotes considers important to provide a comfortable working environment for every user of its products. The audience of mobile device users, which is growing every year, is no exception. All MetaTrader 5 users should have an equal trading experience and access to cutting edge technology, no matter which device they prefer. Therefore, our company has continuously been offering business solutions which help mobile traders in becoming full-fledged financial market participants.

MetaQuotes has released a messaging app with financial news and analytical tips for traders

MetaQuotes currently offers the following mobile trading tools:

  • MetaTrader 5 mobile terminals for iOS and Android can be downloaded from Apple App Store, Google Play and AppGallery respectively. This version of the MetaTrader 5 trading platform is designed for smartphone and tablet users and adapted to their needs. The powerful trading platform allows implementation of various trading strategies.
  • Web terminal works with any devices and browsers without the need for additional software. The widest functionality of MetaTrader 5 is available to users anywhere and at any time. Users are able to access financial markets in just a couple of clicks. All they need is internet access. All data in the platform is securely encrypted, so the web version of the trading platform is completely secure even if traders use someone else's device.
  • Tradays is a popular economic calendar for long-term and daily trading, which includes more than 600 indicators of the world's leading economies. This is one of the most complete, accurate and relevant solutions on the market. Obtained information helps tens of thousands of traders daily to analyze news and market data and to make informed trading decisions.
  • MQL5 Channels messenger will be useful to anyone interested in trading. This is a great place for financial communities and collaborating teams of traders. Users can subscribe to trading news channels and stay up to date with the latest events or create their own channels to share useful information. By joining thematic communities, traders can study technical and fundamental analysis, as well as receive daily tips to master their skills and boost their trading results. In collaborative chats, users can explore new ideas, share knowledge with newcomers and receive recommendations from more experienced market participants. Images, videos and documents of any type can be securely shared via the app, while the reliable messaging system ensures fast delivery even with a poor internet connection.

The importance of mobile users for the financial market is steadily increasing, so we continue to actively develop such solutions. The most notable latest updates include the launch of the completely revamped web terminal and the introduction of new color templates. This process is part of a larger corporate business strategy which will help professional and novice investors to improve their trading results. At the same time, our company does not forget its main priority which is the reliability and safety of our products. These are the fundamental principles which help us remain industry leaders.