New web terminal color templates: Choose the one which suits you best


16 March 2023

We continue to develop the functionality of the web terminal, which allows you to work with MetaTrader 5 in any browser and from any device. At the same time, we care not only about the technical side of the product, but we also try to make the interaction efficient and comfortable for each user.

From time to time, we have received requests for new color templates from both traders and brokerage companies. As a solution, the MetaQuotes design team has prepared several color template presets, based on your wishes and on traditional color combinations. Each template incorporates night mode making the total number of options at your disposal equal to eight.

New web terminal color templates

Launch the web terminal and try all of them in the Color Templates section:

The Сolor Templates section

The current update is just one of the many planned improvements to the web terminal. Use the new features to enhance your user experience in working with MetaTrader 5.

Try new templates