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23 January 2023

Finteza is the only end-to-end analytics service for brokers which can display data from client terminals and MetaTrader 5 servers. The analytical system provides comprehensive information about all events registered in the trading platform and in your website. Reliable real-time statistics will assist in taking the right company development decisions and in optimizing financial and marketing approaches.

Reliable real-time statistics will assist in taking the right company development decisions

The Finteza service offers a set of powerful, professional analytics tools with which companies can qualitatively improve their online performance across trading platforms, websites, advertising campaigns and landing pages. You will instantly access the most accurate and complete information, from customer search and user retention reports to purchased traffic quality and banner performance analysis.

Customer relations

One of the most attractive Finteza features is the unique Retention report which visualizes the efficiency of your client retention efforts. The report shows how often a selected group of users performs certain actions in a site or in MetaTrader 5. Being a key indicator for any business, the retention rate assists in evaluating the results of marketing promotions or technical changes. With the Retention report, you can timely notice negative and positive changes in user behavior, effectively utilize your advertising budget and generate reasoned forecasts regarding product scalability and payback.

The retention rate is a key indicator for any business

Marketing reports on sources and conversions assist in determining profitable marketing campaigns, banner groups and ads. Try different approaches and determine which landing pages, banners and videos engage your audience most effectively.

Activity in the trading platform

It is the only out-of-the-box solution which integrates natively with MetaTrader 5 to collect information on trading accounts and trader behavior across the trading platform. You do not need to waste resources in developing custom analytics. Configure the Finteza – MetaTrader 5 integration instead, and enjoy ultimate analytical capabilities from the very first minute.

Activity in the trading platform MetaTrader 5

Business vital e-Commerce reports will visualize the real picture of your business. Keep multiple aspects of the sales system under control: study the potential popularity of products, define the actual sales volume, assess the missed profit and evaluate customer loyalty. Analyze the statistics of deposits and withdrawals, along with the history of traders' operations. You will access an interactive user database — a customer list with a complete transaction history. Analyze trader behavior, sources, technical parameters, financial transactions and user actions across terminals, servers and websites.

Multi-level sales funnels will demonstrate at which stages you are losing customers. Analyze your entire sales system by utilizing automatic presets or by configuring custom event chains with any required detail.

Website analytics

Conduct a comprehensive website audit with the Lighthouse report. It helps in making the site faster, in eliminating vulnerabilities and in bringing web pages in line with Google recommendations, thus eventually improving search rankings. You will be able to evaluate your project in many different ways and get advice on how to fix identified issues.

Conduct a comprehensive website audit with the Lighthouse report

Gain insight into your website traffic with end-to-end analytics. Attract only live traders to generate profits. Finteza analyzes visitors' technical parameters and on-page behavior. In-depth reports on 12 bot traffic types will assist in detecting traffic manipulations. Bots can mimic human behavior, such as page views, button clicks and registration forms filing. Finteza will even spot sophisticated bots and indicate the source of such traffic. Detect low-quality traffic providers, optimize marketing budgets and boost your ROI.

Explore detailed statistics for marketing channels, campaigns, ad groups and banners and evaluate the performance of each source. Test hypotheses using the A/B testing engine and optimize costs by disabling inefficient advertising sources. According to our research, the share of brokers' ineffective traffic costs can reach up to 80%. Optimize costs and increase your return on advertising investment (ROAS/ROI).

Test Finteza for free and instantly access fully fledged analytics without trial or demo version limitations.

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