MetaTrader 5 offers more than one hundred ready-made scenarios for Automations


14 November 2022

The Automations service saves MetaTrader 5 users from manual routine work, eliminates human error and reduces company resource utilization for higher-value activities. How it works: you set up a specific event in the system and create a script triggered by the event. A user has registered in the platform? Send a welcome email. A data feed has disconnected? Restart it and notify the administrator. The main advantage of Automations is that the service instantly reacts to triggers and executes the necessary actions without errors. Unlike a human, the system always remembers to perform the required actions on time. The service automates thousands of different scenarios saving you from a huge amount of routine work.

MetaTrader 5 offers more than one hundred ready-made scenarios for Automations

We have always strived to make the trading platform highly efficient and user-friendly, for which we are constantly collecting user reviews. Based on customer tickets, we started compiling a list of ready-to-use scenarios to cover the most common situations. Companies asked for ready-made solutions which could be enabled almost instantly. As the Automations popularity grew, we expanded the list of available scenarios. Finally, more than 100 ready-made scenarios have become available in the latest platform update. This means that you can solve hundreds of typical business tasks in just a couple of clicks.

The most common automated tasks in MetaTrader 5:

  • Infrastructure performance monitoring
  • Communication with customers
  • Account management
  • Risk management
  • Bonus programs

In just a few minutes, you can set up a trouble-free system that will save you time and money. You can automate your business processes without requiring special knowledge and without having to develop your own service — MetaTrader 5 provides a ready-made and highly efficient solution. The service is provided free of charge for one month. This allows you to try out its features and make sure that the service is beneficial for your company while solving real tasks.

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