website's updated Quotes section features additional symbol details


16 November 2022

The algo-trading community website provides an updated Quotes section with separate information pages for each symbol, giving details of the relevant financial instrument. The details can be accessed by clicking on the symbol line or block in the Market Watch, Currencies, Metals and other subsections. website's updated Quotes section features additional symbol details

Each symbol page provides the following information:

  1. Quotes and daily changes in points and percentage terms. A brief description of the selected symbol is available at the top of the page.
  2. A mini-chart with the timeframe switch option. Hover over the chart to view quotes at a specific point. To enable more on-chart data, maximize it by using the "Full-Screen Chart" button or by clicking anywhere on the chart.
  3. Daily and annual ranges. The daily range additionally shows Low, High, Open and Current prices. The annual range includes the High and Low values, as well as the last-year and current prices.
  4. Current symbol statistics. This block shows the latest market Open, Close, Bid, Ask, Low and High prices, along with volumes.
  5. Symbol retrospective. Daily, monthly, semi-annual and yearly changes are displayed here.
  6. Economic Calendar. The calendar displays upcoming and past events which may affect the symbol quotes.
  7. Signals. A selection of trading signals based on the selected currency pair.

Visit Quotes and evaluate the new features.