MetaTrader 5 build 3500: Improvements and fixes

What's new in MetaTrader 5

11 November 2022


  1. A new command has been added to the context menu of the Trade and History sections, to enable access to the new trading report.

    Added command to access the new trading report

    The trading report provides the following performance data:
    • Graphs and tables visualizing monthly growth metrics
    • Equity chart
    • Radar chart which enables quick account state evaluation
    • Trading statistics by instrument
    • A variety of additional metrics for trading analysis

  2. Fixed initial deposit calculations in the trading report.
  3. Fixed setting of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels when using using the quick trading panel in the chart and Market Watch. The levels could be inherited from previously opened positions even when the inheritance was not required (the relevant functionality is implemented for FIFO-based accounts).
  4. Updated user interface translations.


  1. Fixed a compiler bug which enabled access to a structure field using a constant string with the field name value.
  2. MQL5: Fixed checking of key states using the TerminalInfoInteger(TERMINAL_KEYSTATE_*) function.

Fixed errors reported in crash logs.

MetaTrader 5 WebTerminal build 3500

  1. Fixed position closing upon requotes.
  2. Fixed reconnection to the server after maximizing a browser window which has been inactive for a long time.
  3. Fixed display of credit funds.
  4. ther improvements and fixes.