MetaTrader 5 build 3320: Improvements and fixes

What's new in MetaTrader 5

2 June 2022


  1. Extended tooltips for trade objects displayed on charts:
    • Market exit deals now display profits.
    • The relevant indication is displayed for deals executed as a result of Take Profit or Stop Loss activation.

    Similar tooltips are available for the lines joining entry and exit trades.

    Extended tooltips for deal objects

  2. Improved graphical system performance.
  3. Terminal: Added logging of bulk operations with open orders and positions. When such a command is executed, a relevant log as added to the Journal, for example: "bulk closing of XXX positions started".
  4. Terminal: Fixed bulk closing of opposite positions.
  5. Terminal: Fixed updating of on-chart objects displaying trading history. The error occurred when changing the chart symbol.


  1. Works on matrix and vector functions are underway: support for 'float' and 'complex' is being implemented.
  2. MQL5: Operator "!" (LNOT) for a pointer checks its validity via an implicit CheckPointer call. Operator "==" should be used for a quick NULL check. For example: ptr==NULL or ptr!=NULL.


  1. Fixed display of deal objects on testing graphs.
  2. Improved graphical system performance.


  • Improved graphical system performance.

Fixed errors reported in crash logs.