Presenting the book "MQL5 Programming for Traders"

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15 December 2023

We have released the most comprehensive guide to MQL5 programming, authored by experienced algorithmic trader Stanislav Korotky with MetaQuotes' support.

The book is intended for programmers of all levels. Beginners will learn the fundamentals as the book introduces key development tools and basic programming concepts. With this material, you can create, compile, and run your first application in the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Users with experience in other programming languages can immediately advance to the applied part related to creating trading robots and analytical applications in MQL5.

Presenting the book "MQL5 Programming for Traders"

The book is freely available online, under the "Book" section of the website. It consists of seven parts:

  1. Introduction to MQL5 and development environment – an overview of the basic principles of MQL5 programming and the MQL5 development environment, including MetaEditor's editing and compiling features.
  2. Fundamentals of MQL5 programming – the basic concepts, including data types, instructions, operators, expressions, variables, code blocks, and program structures applied for procedural-style MQL5 program development.
  3. Object-oriented programming – distinctive features that set MQL5 apart despite its similarities with other languages supporting the OOP paradigm, especially with C++.
  4. Common functions – frequently used built-in functions that are applicable in any program.
  5. Creating application programs – an in-depth look at the architectural nuances of MQL5 programs and their specialization by types of trading-related tasks, such as technical analysis using indicators, chart management, and use of graphical objects, among others.
  6. Trading automation – how to analyze the trading environment and automate trading using robots.
  7. Advanced language tools – a set of specialized APIs aimed at facilitating MQL5 integration with related technologies, including databases, data exchange, OpenCL, and Python.

The book provides numerous source code examples. Following the explanation, you can implement your own applications in the built-in editor and instantly view program execution results in the platform. The source codes are available in the public project \MQL5\Shared Projects\MQL5Book and in the Code Base.

Start learning MQL5 right now and discover the world of professional algorithmic trading. The knowledge gained will help you bring your ideas to life. You can also apply them in a commercial environment by developing and selling applications through the Market and taking on programming orders in the Freelance.

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