MetaTrader 5 for Android: New trading and analytics features

What's new in MetaTrader 5

6 November 2023

Over the past six months, a vast array of new features has been introduced to the MetaTrader 5 mobile app for Android. These include fast on-chart trading features, additional timeframes, visual representation of trading history, and more. A detailed overview of these updates is provided below.

  1. One-click trading from the chart. A deal can now be performed by simply opening a special panel and pressing Buy or Sell. This means you can seize opportunities instantly without wasting precious time switching between tabs.

    One-click trading from the chart

    The results of quick operations are displayed immediately in pop-up notifications on the chart. If you find the notifications unnecessary, you can disable them in the app settings. Also, using the settings, you can place the trading panel above or below the chart.

  2. Placing pending orders from the chart. You can now place pending orders visually by dragging them to the desired levels on the chart. Tap the button on the top panel, select the order type, set the price, and tap the arrow to confirm the parameters. This method is considerably faster than configuring parameters through a trading dialog. You can immediately set Stop Loss and Take Profit for the order. Likewise, you can modify any existing order by simply tapping on its level and setting new parameters.

    Placing pending orders from a chart

  3. Managing positions and orders from the chart. Select a position or order level on the chart, and a control panel will appear at the chart bottom. From this panel, you can close positions and delete orders, as well as add and remove their Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. When moving stop levels, you will immediately see the potential profit/loss in points and monetary terms.

    Closing positions and removing pending orders from the chart

  4. Trading history on the chart. Now, you can visually evaluate your market entries and exits. If you enable the history display in the app settings, all trades will be represented as arrows on the chart. The trade direction is indicated by color: blue for Buy and red for Sell. Entry and exit trades are connected by dotted lines. Additionally, you can choose to display open positions and active pending orders in the chart settings.

    Trading history on the chart

  5. Bulk position closing and order deletion. The app now supports bulk operations for positions and orders. For example, you can close all open positions with just a couple of taps upon important news releases and thus promptly lock in profits. You can also quickly cancel all pending orders to prevent them from being triggered due to sharp price movements.

    To access bulk operations, tap the three dots in the positions or orders section or open the context menu for a specific operation.

    Bulk position closing and order deletion

  6. Adaptive trading volume editing. The buttons for modifying volumes in the trading dialog now automatically adjust to the current volume value. The larger the volume, the more units are added or subtracted with each button tap.

    Adaptive trading volume editing

  7. Support for 21 timeframes. We have added 12 additional minute and hour timeframes to offer more options for price analysis. To add your preferred periods to the quick access panel, go to the timeframe menu above the chart and configure them.

    The number of timeframes has increased to 21

  8. Copying analytical objects on the chart. The new option enables faster chart markup. Open the object menu with a long press and select "Copy":

    Copying analytical objects on the chart

  9. Improved right chart border adjustment. To change the chart border shift, simply scroll the chart to the last price until a vertical separator appears. Next, drag the triangle at the bottom chart scale:

    Improved right chart border adjustment

  10. Account connection via a QR code. You can now transfer your account from the desktop platform or from another device by scanning a QR code. The account will be connected instantly without the need to enter a login and password. To access the QR code, tap the corresponding icon in the account properties.

    Account connection via a QR code

  11. Updated color schemes. The entire interface has been redesigned with special attention to color selection, ensuring a comfortable working environment. The app now supports a dark theme that activates automatically when you enable the dark theme on your device. Additionally, we have added settings for customizing the colors of all lines on the chart.

    Updated color schemes

  12. Links to brokers' regulatory documents. You can now access all the necessary legal information from your broker directly in the account properties section of your mobile app. The availability of links depends on your broker.
  13. Adjustments for Arabic and Persian languages. We have implemented various enhancements to ensure the app interface is correctly displayed in languages using right-to-left scripts.
  14. Numerous improvements and fixes. Over the past six months, hundreds of improvements have been introduced to guarantee stable and swift app performance.

Install the latest app version and unlock extended trading capabilities:

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