MetaTrader 5 for iPhone/iPad: Bulk operations, 21 timeframes, and trading notifications

What's new in MetaTrader 5

8 November 2023

We continuously enhance the MetaTrader 5 mobile app for iOS by adding valuable trading and analytical features. In the past six months, we have introduced bulk trading operations, extra timeframes, trading notifications, and more. Here is a detailed overview of all these innovations.

  1. Bulk position closing and order deletion. The app now supports bulk operations for positions and orders. For example, you can close all open positions with just a couple of taps upon important news releases and thus promptly lock in profits. You can also quickly cancel all pending orders to prevent them from being triggered due to sharp price movements.

    To access bulk operations, tap the three dots in the positions or orders section or open the context menu for a specific operation.

    Bulk position closing and order deletion

  2. Trading notifications. Turn on notifications to always stay informed about trading operations on your account. The information is delivered in push notifications from the broker's server and thus you can receive it even when the app is not running. Depending on the settings provided by the broker with whom the selected account is opened, notifications may include information about orders, deals, deposits, and withdrawals. Notifications are enabled separately for each account; the setting is saved on the server.

    Trading Notifications

  3. Profit/loss for stop levels. When moving the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, you will immediately see the potential profit/loss you will incur if the level triggers. The values are displayed in points and monetary terms.

    Profit/loss for stop levels

  4. Trading panel improvements. New settings enable the positioning of the trading panel above or below the chart. We have also increased the distance between the volume change options and the Buy and Sell buttons to avoid accidental order sending.

     Trading panel improvements

  5. Support for 21 timeframes. We have added 12 additional minute and hour timeframes to offer more options for price analysis. To add your preferred periods to the quick access panel, go to the timeframe menu above the chart and select them with a long press.

    The number of timeframes has increased to 21

  6. Advanced customization of trading levels. You can now individually enable/disable the display of position levels, pending orders, and Stop Loss/Take Profit levels.

    Advanced customization of trading levels

  7. Screen lock. You can set a PIN code or use Face ID/Touch ID to prevent other users from accessing the app. If someone gains access to your iPhone or iPad, your trading account will remain secure. To activate this feature, turn on 'Screen Lock' in the Settings/About window and set a four-digit PIN. If the app remains hidden for over a minute, you will need to enter the PIN or unlock the app using Face ID/Touch ID.

    Screen lock

  8. Chat improvements. Several new features have been introduced in the built-in messenger which enables communication between members:

    • Ability to block a user in a personal chat and view a list of blocked users.
    • Display of user data when tapping on the user avatar.
    • Ability to report a message in chat by long-pressing it.
    • An additional menu for new chats created by users who are not on your friends list. If you receive such a chat, you can immediately add the user to friends or block and report them.
    • Display of the number of unread messages on the section icon in the app settings.

    Chat improvements

  9. Links to brokers' regulatory documents. You can now access all the necessary legal information from your broker directly in the account properties section of your mobile app. The availability of links depends on your broker.
  10. Numerous improvements and fixes. Over the past six months, dozens of improvements have been introduced to guarantee stable and swift app performance.

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