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MetaQuotes acquired

MetaQuotes Leads $6 Million Funding Round in KYC/AML Risk Management AI Platform Sumsub

MetaQuotes and oneZero deliver Interactive Brokers Gateway to MetaTrader 5

MQL5 Cloud Network Reaches the Capacity of 34,000 Cores

MetaTrader 5 Automations helps brokers save time and money

Regulated Broker 4XHUB EU connected MetaTrader 5 Automations to ensure the smooth operation of all its services. This service automates routine operations and assists brokerage companies in freeing up resources. In just a few clicks, you can automate customer communications, platform maintenance, as well as account, trades, and trading settings management. Consequently, 4XHUB EU has managed to reduce operational costs while enhancing overall company productivity.

Mrs. Michele Vaswani, Chief Operation Officer of 4XHUB EU

FxGrow Limited: "MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting features are unmatched by other providers"

Customer service excellence is fundamental for any brokerage company. The intensely competitive environment of the financial market sets high standards for service quality, and those who meet these standards better than others achieve the best results. MetaQuotes offers MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting, which dramatically reduces network latency and improves traders' access to trading. Many companies use the server hosting solution to increase the quality of their services. Representatives of FxGrow Limited have agreed to share their hosting usage experience.

FxGrow Limited: “MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting features are unmatched by other providers”

Introducing the book "Neural Networks for algorithmic trading in MQL5"

We are happy to announce the release of a new book entitled Neural Networks for algorithmic trading in MQL5. From this book, you will learn how to use artificial intelligence in trading robots for the MetaTrader 5 platform. The author, Dmitry Gizlyk, is a hands-on neural network professional; he has written more than a dozen of articles on this topic. Now, with the support of MetaQuotes, all his valuable knowledge is conveniently collected in one book. The book gradually introduces the reader to neural network basics and their application in algorithmic trading. You will learn to create your own AI application, train it and extend its functionality.

Introducing the book "Neural Networks for algorithmic trading in MQL5"