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The traffic quality affects your website operation, so you need to constantly monitor it. Imagine that you purchased traffic and the seller shows promising reports on how many people have visited your website. But for some reason, your sales numbers do not grow and you see no positive changes. Do not rush to change the website logic, reduce prices or purchase another portion of traffic. First, check the traffic you already have.

Perhaps, the seller is trying to trick you by attracting uninterested audience or bots. Naturally, neither the first nor the second group of visitors will buy anything, while the high bounce rate (numbers of visitors entering and immediately exiting the site) will affect site positions in search results. Search engines assume that something is wrong with the site and lower your ranking.

Monitor the traffic quality with Finteza

Bad traffic not only wastes your money on useless advertising, but also directly harms your business. Therefore, it would be reasonable to continuously use a reliable analytical system. Finteza helps you analyze the traffic by determining its sources and quality.

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When do you need Finteza?

Your website has many visitors but they do not buy anything
You want to check traffic providers
You want to get rid of inefficient advertising channels
Your website starts losing positions in search engines

15 traffic and website reports

The more complete the picture, the easier it is to make a decision. Do not make assumptions — rely on facts. Finteza allows you not only to evaluate the traffic quality but also to study conversions, website performance, visitor database and other parameters.

Finteza reveals all about your website traffic

Divide the audience into segments to understand their parameters. Look at web page reports — perhaps, users are unable to reach the necessary site section and need your help. Check conversions — make sure everything works as intended and make adjustments if needed. Assess bottlenecks using graphical sales funnels and learn how user behavior changes from the website event report.

Sophisticated sampling is a powerful advantage of Finteza. For example, in just a few clicks, you can find all French-speaking users from Canada who registered on the site via Safari browser on their mobile phones last week after seeing a specific banner.

Real-time statistics

If you order advertising on the Internet, you know that time is expensive. Suppose that you have launched an advertising campaign which costs USD 20,000 per day. Generally, if something goes wrong, you find out about that in a day or even later since many popular analytical services update information with a delay. This means  that every hour of reporting delay costs USD 833.

Finteza prevents you from spending extra money on advertising

With Finteza, you get real-time data with a delay of just 2-3 minutes. This means you can quickly respond and save money.

Reliable bot detector

Selling fake traffic on the Internet is a popular and profitable business. You pay to attract people to your site, but instead you get a bunch of bots. All they do is visit the site and, for instance, click the Buy button. They cannot increase your turnover. Of course, the seller will show you beautiful graphs displaying the surge in traffic. Needless to say, such a seller does not care about the absence of actual purchases.

Use Finteza to protect against fake traffic

Finteza distinguishes between 12 types of low-quality traffic and 5 user groups: live people and various bots. Bots are becoming more and more complex, so we are constantly improving the detection mechanism. For example, we look at how quickly a user types a text and how accurately they move the mouse.

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