Improve conversion rate with Finteza

We can help you find and eliminate weak spots

Our analytical service tracks conversions by channels, ads and keywords. Create sales funnels with an arbitrary number of stages and criteria, find weak spots in the sales system and adjust the conversion to earn more.

Finteza allows you to evaluate conversions, for example, a traffic from a social network

In just a few clicks, Finteza can let you know at which stage visitors leave the site, which page works poorly and even, for instance, over which blocks the visitors hover over but do not click.

I want to increase conversion rate

When do you need Finteza

Users visit your site but do not buy anything
You want to construct a comprehensible sales funnel to find bottlenecks
You are improving the website UX and want to evaluate the effect immediately
You want to check your traffic provider
Your visitors cannot find the necessary site sections
The site has big traffic but small profit

Why us

All about conversions and traffic

Analyze conversion rates on your site or application. Set any targets — for example, look for efficient advertising campaigns and disable the ones which cause losses. We can help you study the traffic sources and quality, as well as better understand your audience, evaluate the site performance and much more. Customize attribution windows and models to suit your goals considering the business specifics.

Finteza reveals all about traffic and audience

Create your analytical tools — you have 15 reports you can combine as you deem fit. All data provided by Finteza is real — we measure the actual parameters without sampling, extrapolation or other approximation methods.

Sales funnels in two clicks

Funnel is a convenient and quick way to evaluate project bottlenecks if you want to increase conversion rate. You choose the stages to be used to build a funnel and study the data on the most comprehensible graph. The level of detail your funnel features depends only on your imagination.

Funnels help you find bottlenecks in the sales system

Finteza provides the data in a couple of minutes — you do not have to wait a day or longer, as it often happens. This allows changes to be made quickly if something goes wrong or works incorrectly. Suppose that you have relocated the CTA button while working on a web page. Finteza will let you know about changes in the user behavior in a few minutes. If the change or proposed improvement has failed, you can immediately take corrective action.

Enable Finteza to increase conversion rate and earn more.

I want to increase conversion rate