Why Finteza?

Accurate data for business development

In order to make your online project better, you need to define areas of improvement: where users come from, what they do on the website, how they are converted to buyers, where they go later. You need to find growth areas which will give your business an extra boost: increase advertising efficiency, improve conversion rate, divide the audience into segments and work with each group separately.

The most accurate and complete analytics from Finteza gives your business a boost

Only high-quality analytics is able to answer all these questions. Finteza is a powerful professional marketing tool allowing website and application owners to earn more.

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Finteza helps you

Get rid of unprofitable advertising channels
Check your traffic provider
Set up ads on your site
Improve conversion rates of web pages and the entire project
Know your audience and set up retargeting by segments
Monitor your project in real time

Evaluate your traffic quality

Monitor traffic in real time. Apart from the quality and the sources, Finteza allows you to evaluate conversion rates, website performance, visitor database and other parameters.

Monitor the traffic quality with Finteza

The service distinguishes between 12 types of low-quality traffic and 5 user groups: live people and various bots. Eliminate fake traffic using the detector and stop overpaying for useless advertising.

Get insights on your audience

Incoming traffic analysis lies at the core of digital marketing. Arrange sophisticated samplings from several types of reports to study your audience from all angles: traffic sources and quality, visitor geography and devices, as well as their behavior on your site. Get data instantly, track errors and find bad traffic.

Finteza knows everything about your visitors

How many users from Germany did you obtain last week via a Facebook ad? What pages do customers from the USA view before making a purchase? Who uses your website search most often? Finteza introduces you personally to each visitor.

Track user's path

Finteza takes you deeper than conventional analytical services. You are able to track the entire user's path from the first visit to the site till the last purchase.

All site events are visible in real time

Track user behavior in real time and quickly respond to any incidents. Build complex reports by any parameters and adjust the project to increase profit.

Measure performance

Find out which advertising channels are profitable and which ones are not. Create sales funnels with the most detailed info on your audience, traffic quality and sources, as well as marketing campaigns, in a couple of clicks. Compare productive actions at different stages of the sale and look for the most successful ones. Determine campaigns, keywords or banners which attract clients. The funnel clearly shows project bottlenecks and helps in adjusting the conversion rate.

Finteza helps you save up to 80% on the advertising budget without losing in efficiency.

Boost your sales

Create advertising campaigns in a couple of clicks and track the efficiency in real time. Launch banners, landing pages and any graphical/text blocks via a single interface. Manage ads on your site. With the built-in Anti-AdBlock, visitors will view your banners 40% with an increased rate of 40%.

Finteza helps you turn visitors into buyers

Customize your ads and display different offers to different audience segments. For example, make a special offer to those who have recently been interested in a product, offer a discount to a loyal customer, remind a user of an abandoned shopping cart or unfinished registration.

Use accurate data only

We strive to make our statistics as reliable as possible. Therefore, we show only the actually measured data. We do not simplify measurements to save our resources. You get real data with no assumptions, extrapolation or sampling.

You obtain only actual data, for example, website loading speed

For example, Finteza is one of the few services that let you know the actual loading speed of website visitors because we do not use special test servers with good Internet to show a rosy picture at all times. We measure the actual website loading speed for each of your users so as not to mislead you.

Connect Finteza to your website and save on your advertising budget and increase conversion rate.

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