Analyze websites and applications with Finteza

General analytics for any site

Manage your sites and applications in a unified way. Finteza allows you to bring your audience together within a single service and study the behavior of a particular visitor on the website and in the application. The service features help you to improve both the website and the application, namely control the traffic quality to protect the site from scammers, analyze performance indicators to increase conversion rate and build compelling funnels to find weak spots in the sales system.

Finteza allows you to manage websites and applications in a unified way

Let any of your projects work better with Finteza — no inefficient ads, low-quality traffic and inaccurate data.

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When do you need Finteza?

You build combined analytics for multiple projects
You study a user's path both on a site and in an application
You look for efficient advertising channels
You test new functions
You compare conversion rates across sites and applications
You buy traffic and want to control it

Why us?

Accurate data only

It takes accurate information to draw the right conclusions. Many analytical services use approximate calculations (like sampling or extrapolation) since they are faster and cheaper.

Finteza does not provide approximate results. Instead, it gathers and analyzes 100% of the data, in order to have accurate statistics.

Real-time statistics

Some analytical services provide data with a one-day delay. Suppose that you launched an advertising campaign and it turned out to be inefficient. This means that you suffer losses every hour until you know about it.

Control advertising efficiency in real time

Finteza provides data in real time with a delay of 2-3 minutes allowing you to quickly respond to any circumstances and save additional expenditure.

15 traffic and website reports

Work with your audience in surgical precision. Cut off fake traffic using the detector and do not overpay for useless advertising. Arrange sophisticated samplings out of several report types and study your audience thoroughly: conversion rates, traffic sources, UTM labels, project performance and more.

Finteza knows everything about your audience and website traffic

No load on your project

Sometimes third-party analytical services collect statistics to the detriment of the project they are supposed to help by slowing down a website or an application. In the current world, in which companies compete for the attention of customers, every second can cost millions.

According to the Akamai research, each second of waiting reduces conversion by about 20%. Suppose than 100 visitors buy goods on the ABC website every day. The company decides to increase conversion rate and enables a top-class analytics to find potential growth areas. Meanwhile, the number of customers drops to 80 only because the website now loads a bit slower.

Finteza scripts load quickly and do not slow down the site no matter where your users are.

Sales funnels in two clicks

Funnels allow our clients to save up to 80% on their advertising budget. Analyze your audience and traffic quality, find out which advertising channels are profitable and which ones are not. Place UTM labels and find companies, keywords or banners which show promising results. Look for bottlenecks in your projects and adjust conversion.

Find bottlenecks in the sales system

You can create a complex detailed funnel in just a few clicks.

Application analytics

Finteza features are fully available for mobile applications — connect the service using the SDK. Manage ads, control the number of downloads, installation sources, advertising efficiency, paid actions and other application indicators.

Enable Finteza and let your websites and applications work more efficiently and ultimately increase profit.

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