Become a TeamWox SaaS Provider!


21 September 2010

MetaQuotes Software Corp. launches a new partner campaign for ISPs and hosting companies offering them a chance to be SaaS providers. Any company can become a partner and resell TeamWox as a SaaS application.

Since March 2010 we`ve been developing a partnership network. Partners were offered to resell the system installing it only on the end-user's equipment. However, seeing the increasing popularity of SaaS solutions, we decided to develop a second Partnership Campaign.

The meaning of the new program is simple. We offer software licenses to SaaS providers at a fixed price. Providers in turn install licensed copies of the system on their own servers, choose their own pricing and promote it to the customers.

Become TeamWox SaaS Provider. Its Easy!

The new SaaS partnership provides the beneficial terms for SaaS partners. We charge a monthly fee of only $5 for each user to SaaS providers. Then SaaS providers choose any pricing model to offer to their customers. For example, purchasing a license for $5 per user, they can offer it to their clients for $15-20. This is a competitive price in the current market situation, because similar solutions from other developers are distributed at higher prices.

Recently we`ve released a new application TeamWox SaaS Agent intended specially for our SaaS Partners. This is an elaborate tool to help SaaS providers to easily manage multiple copies of the system. The application allows within a few minutes to install a new copy, register it on a DNS server and install an SSL certificate. Then TeamWox SaaS Agent is used for maintaining all the installed copies of the system.

To help providers to enter the SaaS market, we have prepared advertising and promotional materials. So that when getting started with the new business SaaS providers do not have to waste their time and money on developing required marketing materials. Moreover, SaaS Providers get extra free materials to offer additional paid services to their clients. Thus providers can expand their portfolios with integration services, training courses, etc.