TeamWox SaaS Groupware: Trial Version


28 March 2012

Trial SaaS version of TeamWox Groupware is available for everyone beginning from the current day. This means that you can quickly fill out a form and start using TeamWox immediately in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. There are no limitations in functionality in the trial version but free access to the system will be given for two months exactly. This period is sufficient to assess the need for the system to manage the company. After a balanced decision is made TeamWox subscription can be extended on a fee basis.

Free business management system in SaaS mode

The difference from the standard version is that SaaS version of TeamWox Groupware is installed on our equipment. So, you are completely free from all associated works. No installation, configuration or commissioning – all this is our concern! You will be able to enter the system and start working after a few minutes after sending your registration form! That is the main and considerable advantage of SaaS version.

You don't have to worry about safety of the data stored in your TeamWox SaaS Trial Groupware. We guarantee that only you and your employees will have access to this data.