MetaTrader 5: Providing Traders with Trading Robots!


1 November 2012

"Algorithmic trading should become popular" - that is the motto of MetaTrader 5 trading platform development. We have applied our best efforts to make trading robots available to the widest possible range of traders.

Modern MQL5 development environment allows users to develop Expert Advisors and technical indicators of any complexity. website contains plenty of useful information for developers, while MQL5 Cloud Network service allows them to perform tests and release new programs much faster.

However, all this is not enough to make algo trading really popular and let all traders use MetaTrader 5 platform's advanced features. Working towards this goal, we have already released MQL5 Wizard allowing any user without special knowledge to create Expert Advisors. All traders are now able to discover the world of the algorithmic trading.

In addition to that, we have launched Jobs service on Now, any trader can place an order for development of a trading robot or an indicator, and it will be fulfilled by experienced developers. More than two years have already passed since the service launch and it is still developing rapidly. 3 200 orders have been fulfilled via this service by now. New orders appear at a growing rate, and the algo trading is used by traders more and more actively.

MQL5 Wizard, Jobs and Market

The launch of MQL5 Market has become the next logical step aimed to make algo trading even more popular. Now, any trader can buy a trading robot or a technical indicator right via the terminal. By the way, MQL5 Market already contains more than 280 applications available to any MetaTrader 5 user.

Looking back at the past, we can say that the automated trading becomes more popular. Most importantly, we can see a steady and growing demand for trading applications among common traders. They are more interested in new ways of making money on Forex and they order development of trading programs, as well as buy them in Market actively. This process is now gathering pace. However, it cannot be called widespread yet.

This means that we will continue to improve our solutions. Let all traders have their own trading robots!