The Wall — A New Feature on!


30 January 2013

We continue the development of, with an emphasis on social networking. And today we are pleased to announce the launch of the new website feature - the Wall.

The Wall is a digest encompassing all that is currently happening in the community and displays a variety of achievements. It reflects the entire activity of The Wall highlights new Forum threads and Market best-sellers, shows the number of new screenshots posted and signals that have become available for subscription. Click on the Wall and you will immediately be "in the know" of what is out there in the community.

The Wall - A New Feature on!

In addition, events can be monitored in your preferred community sections. All posts on the wall are divided into 6 categories - Articles, Forum, Code Base, Market, Signals and Charts. The entire history of the community is now available to you among other things, as the Wall covers all events from the launch of till now.

This allows you to get a quick insight into the life at at the present moment. It is somewhat similar to well-known social networks where recent activities of the member's friends are displayed on the member's home page. In our case the Wall makes it possible to conveniently view community members' activities on one page!