New Reward Scheme for Attracting Users


21 June 2013

We have recently launched a poll on forum to know your opinion on the affiliate program. As we have expected, the option "Yes, I sell trading applications and signals and I am ready to share my margin with affiliates" has turned out to be the most popular.

Now, we want to reveal the details of the planned affiliate program. The new reward scheme will help members promote their products and signals. It is beneficial both for sellers and promoters. While participating in the program, sellers will increase sales volumes of their applications, signals providers will attract more subscribers and promoters of affiliate web links will receive their well-earned interest from sellers and providers. It is a win-win situation for all the participants!

New Reward Scheme for Attracting Users

Have you posted a web link or a widget of a Market product and it has been used by a purchaser? Then your reward is waiting for you! Have you shared a web link or a widget of a paid signal and a trader has subscribed to it? Then it's time to receive your payoff! 

Sellers and signals providers can specify the size of the reward to be received by promoters. The payoff is calculated relative to the product's full price – application developer/provider specifies the percentage value that is to be transferred to a promoter's account at the time of purchase/subscription. For example, if the application's cost is 100 US Dollars and the payoff is set to 25%, a promoter will receive 25 US Dollars to his or her account.

Signal or Market product editing web pages allow you to specify the payoff amount (in percentage value of the product's full price) to be transferred to a promoter when a web link or a widget is activated.

Potential promoters can find out the payoff amount at an affiliate web link and widget receiving block of the product's page.

Promoters can track their affiliate web links and earned funds via Partner section of their profile. Both the total number of attractions and the number of successful ones are displayed there. Successful attractions are the ones followed by subscription to the signal or purchasing a product in the Market using an affiliate web link. In addition, the amount of USD earned at each web link to a particular product or signal is displayed.

Partner section of profile

Now, it has become much easier to encourage members in advertising your products and signals, as soon as real money is involved. Share your profit with community members who are willing to distribute web links and widgets of your applications and signals and become popular with our affiliate program! We offer more customers for you and more profit for your promoters!