MetaTrader 4 Market Released in Beta Mode!


5 August 2013

Many developers have been waiting for MetaTrader 4 application store, and it has finally happened: the Market for MetaTrader 4 trading platform applications has been released in beta mode. You can register on the web site and offer your MQL4 programs for sale right now!

The updated version of MQL4 language having many MQL5 language features will also be released soon (approximately at the end of August). But we want you to start developing your MQL4 applications and uploading them to the Market right now. Why now? The answer is simple: several hundred applications should already be available in the database at the moment of the Market's full-fledged launch. Since the language update and the launch of MetaTrader 4 Market are serious matters, the tests are going to be detailed and comprehensive. So, the sooner you upload your program to the Market, the earlier the Market's final version is released. 

MetaTrader 4 Market Released in Beta Mode

There is also another advantage of uploading an application to the Market as early as possible. We will translate descriptions of all the products uploaded to the application store. You have uploaded your product to the Market, and its description is in English? We will translate it into Russian, and it will appear in the Russian section of the Market immediately.     

How to Become a Seller? web site is responsible for the interaction between sellers and buyers at MetaTrader 4 Market. Sellers of trading applications and providers of trading signals should register there. All applications that appear in the trading terminals should also be published there.

So, if you want to become a seller of MetaTrader 4 applications, you should have a common account and pass an additional registration as a seller. It is a simple procedure, during which you will be required to enter your personal data and provide a copy of an identification document. Don't worry, your personal data will not fall into the wrong hands.

After becoming a seller, you can publish programs in MetaTrader 4 Market. Once your product is approved, it will appear in the terminals of all traders who will be able to buy it instantly. Find the detailed instructions on how to register as a seller and publish a product in the Market on

How to Register as a Seller and Publish a Product in the Market

As you can see, it is quite simple to become a seller at MetaTrader 4 Market. You need to take just a small step to make profit. By taking it, you will receive millions of potential clients at no extra cost, with no risks and with a good reward. Take this step right now and register as a seller!

Similar MetaTrader 5 application market shows good results, and now you can sell your applications for MetaTrader 4, too!

Register as a seller on right now and start uploading your MQL4 applications to MetaTrader 4 Market!