How to Make Money from MetaTrader AppStore and Trading Signals Services If You Are Not a Seller or a Provider


23 September 2013

This summer we have launched a new affiliate program to help members promote their products and signals. However, it is beneficial not only for MetaTrader Market sellers and paid trading signals providers but also for common users. Now, you do not have to write Market applications on your own or sell subscription to your signals to make money on You can simply help promote these products and receive your profit share.

It is pretty simple:

  1. You place a web link/widget to MetaTrader Market application or a trading signal on any website.

  2. A user clicks you web link and buys that application or subscribes to the trading signals.

  3. The profit share set by the application's seller or the signals provider is transferred to your account.

Share the link, attract buyers and get your profit share

Now, let's examine this in more details accompanied by screenshots:

So, you have entered website and you want to make money here. You can do this by participating in the affiliate program and promoting products/signals of the community members. Select a product/signal, move to its description page and find a text block specifying a profit share in percentage terms (if a profit share is not specified, a payoff is not provided by a seller).


  2. Copy the specially generated web link from that text block

    or a widget code by clicking "Get a widget code":

    Get a Widget Code

  3. Share the copied web link via social networks, forums, blogs and your personal website

    Share the copied web link via Twitter

    Share the copied web link via Facebook

    or insert the widget code to your forum and blog messages or your website:

    Insert the Widget Code to Your Blog

  4. The main thing is done. Now, you have to wait until an interested user clicks your web link/widget and purchases the application or subscribes to the trading signals. As soon as it happens, the specified profit share is transferred to your account.

    The specified profit share is transferred to your account

    Suppose that the application's price is $100, and the seller has specified a payoff of 35% for an affiliate link. It means that you receive $35 for each buyer you attract. Let's assume that a monthly subscription to a signal costs $50 and a payoff is 10%. Then, you will receive $5 for each subscriber you attract.

As you can see, it is possible to start making money on right now without having to be a seller of Market applications or a profitable signals provider. Select the products you like and post links to them on various web resources. Attract potential customers and the profit is yours!