New MetaTrader 4 with Extended MQL4 Language and Market of Applications


28 January 2014

The major update of MetaTrader 4 platform will be officially released in less than a week (on February 3). The changes have mostly affected MQL4 language of trading strategies, which has been seriously expanded, and its functionality has been brought closer to that of MQL5. However, there is no need to worry about the operability of the previously developed trading robots and indicators, as the runtime environment copy of the previous MQL4 version is used to maintain compatibility. Thus, old EX4 files work correctly and exactly the same way as before. 

New MetaTrader 4 with Extended MQL4 Language and Market of Applications

Besides, the new MetaTrader 4 will have Market tab - the store of trading applications for traders. Millions of users of the most popular trading platform will gain access to hundreds of ready-made trading robots, technical indicators and other products. You will be able to buy or download them for free on February 3!

Find out more about all changes in the new MetaTrader 4 build here.