BCS Forex, InstaForex, LiteForex and other brokers launched MetaTrader 5


2 February 2017

The migration of brokers to MetaTrader 5 is underway. A number of notable market participants, including BCS Forex, InstaForex and LiteForex, have recently announced the launch of the multi-asset platform with hedging. In addition, Binary Limited, Benchmark Finance, MIB700 and other brokers have started offering the platform to their traders in 2017.

"We are pleased to join the global trend and be among the first Russian brokers offering MetaTrader 5 with the hedging option!" — says Kirill Ageev, the Managing Director at BCS Forex. "Our company offers more than 420 trading instruments and strives to offer exclusively high-tech solutions that optimize trading to the maximum possible extent. MetaTrader 5 is a flagship platform without any real alternatives on the market in terms of popularity among traders. The product is actively improved encouraging traders to constantly enhance their trading strategies and apply new trading tools. Recently, we have released the updated client's personal area featuring the hedging (locking) option on DIRECT.MT5 and NDD.MT5 accounts. This allows traders to open opposite directed positions on the same symbol. Traders are able to switch between the modes with a single click in their personal areas. It is no wonder our clients are actively switching to MetaTrader 5. The launch of the hedging option has removed the last obstacle preventing them from using the fifth-generation platform".

The migration of brokers to MetaTrader 5 is underway

"LiteForex was among the first to provide its clients with the MetaTrader 5 trading platform with the netting position accounting system", — notes Aleksandr Mestovsky, CEO of LiteForex. "The hedging system makes MetaTrader 5 even more popular among traders. The ability to trade Forex symbols and exchange assets via a single platform, the powerful multi-task strategy tester, the popular among developers MQL5 language syntax — all these features push the boundaries for industry participants. We believe that MetaTrader 5 represents the future of online trading".

"Aiming to provide highly competitive trading solutions and brokerage services to our clients, we at BenchMark Finance are proud of introducing such a high-tech product, fully correspondent to traders’ needs", — adds Stanislav Fortunov, Business Development Manager at BenchMark Finance commenting on the migration to the new platform. "MetaTrader 5 Hedging feature allows its users to explore the benefits of bidirectional trading strategies, as well as to be more flexible in dynamic market conditions".

"We are delighted to announce that Binary.com has adopted MetaTrader 5's hedging accounting system, as it expands the trading possibilities for our clients", — points out Jean Yves Sireau, CEO of Binary.com. "It offers the opening of multiple positions per instrument, a feature very popular with Forex traders, while providing all the benefits of the next generation MetaTrader platform. Traders on our MetaTrader 5 platform can now avail a wider range of trading strategies, reacting to both positive and negative news in the market".