Economic Calendar: already available on, coming soon in MetaTrader 5


12 May 2017

A new service has been launched on — the economic calendar tool is intended to provide useful information about macroeconomic events. It is considered a major fundamental market analysis tool developed by MetaQuotes Software on the bases of real-time data collected from public sources. 

The current version features economic news from the US, Japan and the European Union. Regardless of the broker used, relevant information is delivered to traders without delays, allowing them to instantaneously react to market events. Soon, the new calendar will replace the current one used in MetaTrader 5, so that users of the multi-asset platform will be able to receive up-to-date indicator values immediately after their release. Moreover, it will be possible to access the economic calendar from MQL5 robots and the strategy tester.

Economic Calendar: already available on, coming soon in MetaTrader 5

The economic calendar provides an online chronology, in which events are marked in accordance with their significance, while the most important ones are shown with a red label. With the economic calendar, you can keep track of key events and evaluate their effect on financial markets. Information about economic indicator releases can help users to formulate informed trading decisions and forecast future market developments. For example, knowing the release time of GDP or unemployment rate reports, you can prepare for increased volatility in the market to capture good trading opportunities.

With the economic calendar, you can always be up to date on global markets and well prepared for market movements. For convenience, you can filter events by importance, choose desired countries and time intervals. This essential economic information resource is updated automatically during announcements in real time.

Open the economic calendar right now, and start monitoring important macroeconomic events to make more weighted trading decisions.