MetaQuotes integrates Forex Source FX news feed into its MetaTrader 5 platform


4 November 2019

The integration allows traders to access the Forex Source sentiment stream directly via their MetaTrader trading platforms.

Forex Source is a UK-based brand that provides educational market commentary and actionable insights for FX traders. Their team of analysts scours global news wires and provides analysis and interpretations to market moving news. Forex Source subscribers receive this interpretation around the clock as the FX markets move.

The news feed is divided into five news categories: "Bank order levels", "Economic indicators", "Central banks", "Risk events" and "Sentiment". The size of news items ranges from brief informative reports to copyright analytical articles. The news editor is the well-known trader Jarratt Davis.

One of the most popular application features is the daily sentiment drivers report. It explains which specific news currently drive each currency and which type of breaking news will facilitate the next big move. Another popular report Forex Source subscribers have access to, is the dominant currency sentiment posts. The report highlights the strongest and weakest currencies of the day based on the prevailing market momentarily sentiment.

Jarratt Davis, Forex Source

Jarratt Davis, Forex Source

"Integrating our sentiment stream feed into the MetaTrader platforms is very exciting for our business, because it opens up a much wider audience to our educational analysis", says Forex Source founder, Jarratt Davis. "Our product helps traders stay tuned into market moving news and assists them in understanding how to actually turn such news into profitable trades".