Qrator Labs launches DDoS attack mitigation service for MetaTrader 5 brokers


15 May 2020

Qrator Enterprise Internet Connectivity Protection mitigates DDoS attacks aimed towards MetaTrader 5 access servers, ensuring no interruptions in business of MetaTrader customers.

Trading platforms around the world are among the most common targets of DDoS attacks which decimate revenue, force regular customers to depart to competitors and make attracting new clients much more difficult. Qrator Labs solution analyzes specifically the business impact of cybercrime incidents and addresses those attempts, keeping the trading business online and accessible by the customers from around the world.

Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs

Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs

“Throughout 2019 and 2020, we’ve seen a significant raise of DDoS attacks against online trading businesses”, says Mr Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs chief technology officer. “Most of the attacks are organized either by cybercriminals to extort funds, or by competing businesses to win the competition. We had a lot of prior experience with MetaTrader 5. After analyzing the industry specifics, we’ve built a targeted solution, protecting trading services against cybercriminal activity which threatens uninterrupted business operation".

"The Qrator Labs product has been tested by time. Our filtration network is ready to withstand any DDoS attacks possible", Mr Gavrichenkov adds. "Our solution is easily adaptable to the needs of each business. It has already protected thousands of medium- and large-sized enterprises all over the world, and it is ready to become a reliable security platform for the services utilizing the MetaTrader technology".