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MetaTrader 5 build 2615: new properties of trading instruments and complex criterion in the Strategy Tester


23 September 2020

MetaTrader 5 build 2615

MetaTrader 5 trading platform features improvements allowing traders to achieve better results:

  • additional fundamental data directly in the platform
  • search for the best combination of inputs using Complex Criterion max when optimizing EAs
  • arrange financial instruments by sector, industry and country
  • more efficient development of robots in the updated MetaEditor

Additional fundamental data for symbols

Now you can get extended data on any instrument from well-known financial portals and services. This will allow your trading decisions to be more educated and based on detailed data. Study the quotes history of Microsoft shares in Google Finance, get dozens of statistical parameters from Finviz, find out how traders are currently trading on the selected instrument, and so on. Now you can do all that directly in your terminal.

Additional fundamental data for symbols

We have done our best to provide additional fundamental data on the maximum number of instruments. However, this feature is not available in older platform versions. If you still utilize older platform versions, ask your broker to update the trading server.

New trading robot optimization criterion

Complex Criterion max is a complex parameter of trading robot inputs. When optimizing EAs, the maximum value of a single parameter (for example, profit) is not always the best option. The new option allows selection of the best passes with the best combination of parameters. For example, instead of the most profitable Expert Advisor, you can get an EA with moderate profit, reasonable drawdown and decent expectation. Thus, developers now have a built-in tool for creating balanced and stable robots.

New trading robot optimization criterion

The following parameters are available for complex optimization:

  • Number of trades
  • Drawdown
  • Recovery factor
  • Expected payoff
  • Sharpe ratio

After optimization, users receive the list of the best passes for all these parameters at once. The Result column shows an integral parameter, which makes it easier to find the best option. For ease of use, the values have different colors: weak combinations with values below 20 are highlighted in red, while strong ones (above 80) are shown in dark green.

After optimization, users receive the list of the best passes

Extended properties of trading instruments

It has become easier to work with symbols. Each instrument has additional parameters: economic sector, industry and country. These parameters can help you to quickly navigate through large unfamiliar markets with multiple symbols. For example, when working with a broker offering thousands and tens of thousands of financial instruments. The new function enables quick searching to establish to which industry a particular security belongs.

Extended properties of trading instruments

With the new parameters, you can manage the list of instruments in the Market Watch window. Add the list of German pharmaceutical companies, French automakers or British financial companies in a couple of clicks.

The Market Watch window

Changes in MetaEditor

We have revised the Intelligent code management functions, allowing faster code writing while minimizing errors. Now the tooltip shows the entire function signature rather than its name, making it possible to accurately define what exactly is included in the code. Case-insensitive options and entry options have been added to the tooltips for ease of use. The tooltip font and color highlighting scheme are now specified in the MetaEditor settings. This means users are able to customize the appearance of their workspace.

Changes in MetaEditor

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