Seven Capitals on MetaTrader 5: "The world's best trading platform"


25 January 2022

Seven Capitals, an FSC regulated broker, has expanded its product range with MetaTrader 5. To create a better first-hand customer experience, the company has launched the trading platform with demo and live accounts. As stated by Seven Capitals representatives, this has allowed the company to expand its global clientele and become one of the leading brokers in the Middle East.

Mohammed Shaheen, CEO of Seven Capitals

Mohammed Shaheen, CEO of Seven Capitals

"When people start believing in themselves they master the art of living. The same goes with trading", says Mohammed Shaheen, CEO of Seven Capitals. "With 10 years of outstanding trading services, the company has risen to the international stardom. Seven Capitals is now a home to millions of users. This has become possible thanks to the services provided and the access to the world's best trading platform".

According to Mr Shaheen, Seven Capitals has excelled as a company by providing multiple trading opportunities to its clients. From offering a variety of tools to the provision of step by step solutions, it has marveled in the world of gold trading. Talking about current competitive trading environment, Mr Shaheen notes that his company relies on efficient solutions: "The market is changing dramatically, but we are ready for it. Our trading rule states that we do more of what works and less of what it does not".

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