Equiti Group: "MetaTrader 5 is a key milestone for the company"


14 March 2022

Equiti Group, a world-class provider of online trading technology and multi-asset financial products, has added MetaTrader 5 to its portfolio. The company believes that the platform will strongly facilitate the roll-out of its core multi-asset product offerings and the localization of investment instruments, which will support Equiti's global growth throughout the MENA region, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Mr. Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO

Mr. Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO

Mr. Iskandar Najjar, Equiti Group CEO, commented on the platform launch: "The addition of MetaTrader 5 to our range of trading platforms is one of the many ways to further expand our offerings, and to provide an advanced trading experience to our clients. The introduction of MetaTrader 5 is a key milestone for Equiti, it will enable our growth plans throughout 2022. This platform will support thousands of new financial instruments, including fractional shares and ETFs, while offering superior trading features."

Mr. Najjar mentioned some of the essential advantages provided by the MetaTrader 5 platform, such as greater functionality, faster processing times, ability to hedge positions, copy trading, more than 80 preinstalled technical indicators, and multiple order types. He also noted the impressive set of analytical tools, real-time market news, premium risk control and the fully integrated economic calendar, with which traders can forecast the impact of financial news on various instruments.

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