8 reasons to choose MetaTrader VPS over non-specialized hosting solutions


10 July 2023

Almost everyone who is engaged in social or algorithmic trading sooner or later recognizes the need to rent hosting for their robots or subscriptions. Maintaining stable and uninterrupted hardware operation at home while ensuring minimal delays to the broker's servers can be quite a challenging task. Numerous factors can affect trading results, including power outages, internet provider issues, and technical problems. Even a one-hour power cut can be crucial due to potentially missed trading opportunities. There are other unforeseen events, such as power supply failure or accidental damage to your laptop, which can occur at any time.

8 reasons to choose MetaTrader VPS over non-specialized hosting solutions

These problems are not uncommon. For example, in 2022, broadband outages experienced by remote workers caused the UK economy to lose around GBP 1.3 billion (Uswitch.com report). Professional traders, who value control over all trading-related processes, prefer not to leave their valuable strategies to chance. Measures like uninterruptible power supplies or connection to multiple internet providers offer only partial solutions. That is where renting a reliable machine for your robots and signals becomes the reasonable choice. Physical servers can be costly, and thus a virtual private server (VPS) is the logical and cost-effective solution.

However, in practice, hosting solutions often fail to work properly due to various reasons, and many traders have already had negative experiences with general-purpose virtual servers.

Here are the most common problems with conventional dedicated servers:

Low performance. Trading strategies require adequate technical resources, including CPU, RAM, and disk space. Smaller hosting providers often offer limited-performance machines which can let you down at the most critical moment. Another common problem is overselling, where companies sell more resources than they actually have. Assuming that subscribers do not use the maximum resources all the time, such providers rely on the consumption-based floating load distribution across the cluster. However, if all users simultaneously start using the maximum resources, the system can fail.

Poor location of access points. It is not always possible to find a reliable and high-performance VPS in close proximity to your broker's trading servers. Trading from home can sometimes be more efficient than using a virtual server located on a different continent.

High price. High-quality solutions meeting all your requirements can be expensive. While companies can offer low-cost basic rates of USD 2-3 per month to attract customers, a powerful machine may cost up to 10 times more.

Difficult setup. If your VPS is not designed specifically for trading, setting up the server, establishing a connection, installing the trading platform, and launching your Expert Advisors can be time-consuming. Even if you follow all steps from multi-page instructions, the desired result is not guaranteed. This issue is closely related to the next problem.

Inadequate technical support. When problems arise, it may take a long time to solve them. In a fast-paced trading environment, where every minute counts, waiting for days to receive a response is totally unacceptable.

Insufficient security. Traders value the confidentiality and safety of their trading algorithms. However, some VPS services fail to provide any guarantees regarding personal data security.

Low uptime. Every hosting provider asserts the reliability of their services. However, even the most reliable global providers always include additional information in their agreements to acknowledge the possibility of downtime, for example, during service maintenance. 100% uptime is unrealistic, but it is important that downtimes do not happen too often.

Provider shutdowns. While this is not the most common case, smaller providers sometimes cease operation for various reasons. Even though hosting users can be notified of such changes in advance, cease of operation means that the trader will have to reconfigure the entire trading environment from scratch.

MetaQuotes offers a solution for those who are considering renting their first cloud hosting server, as well as for those who have been disappointed with previous solutions. If you are looking for a reliable VPS which overcomes the aforementioned disadvantages, consider MetaTrader VPS — a specialized hosting solution for MetaTrader platform users. Thousands of traders already use the MetaTrader VPS every day.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized, natively integrated solution for professional social and algorithmic trading, which does not require additional activations or configurations. It is designed specifically for the MetaTrader platform, ensuring full compatibility and performance. Robots and subscriptions can be easily migrated to a virtual server in a few clicks. More than a dozen hosting points are located around the world, to ensure optimal access with less than 5 milliseconds for 82% of all brokerage servers. This means that most traders can obtain a significant gain in execution speed through MetaTrader VPS. MetaQuotes servers are hosted by the most reliable providers to ensure a maximum uptime of 99.99%. You can be sure that your trading strategies will run consistently 24/7. Smart resource allocation algorithms ensure that each trading platform receives enough resources on a virtual machine: up to 3 GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of hard disk space, and several CPUs are allocated on demand. In case of any difficulties, our support team provides timely and qualified technical assistance.

Contact your broker to inquire about the availability of the free VPS service

The rental cost starts at USD 15 per month, with potential reductions for long-term rentals. Additionally, we have recently introduced an updated service interaction offering for brokers, enabling more companies to launch Sponsored VPS projects for their clients. Contact your broker to inquire about the availability of the free VPS service.

MetaTrader VPS surpasses regular non-specialized solutions, offering a reliable trading environment, optimal technical performance, and minimal risk for algorithmic and social trading. MetaTrader VPS is the best virtual private server created by MetaQuotes specifically for your trading requirements.