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13 October 2023

MetaQuotes has launched new information channels on Facebook, (Twitter), and Telegram. These channels provide daily publications of relevant technical materials from the Articles and CodeBase sections. They are designed to promptly update developers on algorithmic trading innovations, share current technological trends, and assist subscribers in solving any difficulties they may encounter. There's no need to manually check thematic sections: get the most useful and interesting content delivered directly to your favorite app's news feed.

Subscribe to new channels for developers

The idea of this project was prompted by popular requests from the community. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with MetaQuotes' commitment to the global popularization and advancement of algorithmic trading. With years of investment in algorithmic trading projects, the launch of the new information channels serves as a logical continuation of our initiatives.

The new channels deliver English-language content in a developer-to-developer format. No advertising, spam, or irrelevant publications — only the latest articles addressing real issues. This content will be particularly useful for those who work with the MQL5 language.

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