MetaQuotes to showcase its universal solution for the financial market at the Pakistani expo


14 May 2024

InvestExpo 2024 will be held in Pakistan's second largest city of Lahore on May 17 and 18, bringing together leading businesses from the South Asian financial sector. The event is to be attended by more than 40 representatives of leading companies, as well as by public officials. The main priorities of the expo are creating a transparent investment environment and increasing financial literacy. Recognizing MetaQuotes as an industry innovator and a bearer of unique knowledge, the organizers have assigned it a key role at the event.

MetaQuotes to showcase its universal solution for the financial market at the Pakistani expo

Considering the region's latest market trends and the main development directions of local financial organizations, MetaQuotes will present the MetaTrader 5 trading platform as a versatile solution for banks, brokerage firms and investment funds.

Companies worldwide, including Pakistani PMEX, choose MetaTrader 5 for multiple reasons:

  • Distributed and highly scalable architecture
  • Back office automation for increased efficiency and cost reduction
  • Support for 64-bit architecture, resulting in better performance
  • Secure infrastructure with no conflict of data information
  • Reliable solution for uninterrupted market operations protected against hacker attacks
  • Multi-asset trading capabilities
  • Built-in ECN Matching Engine mechanism
  • Ability to trade in compliance with Shariah
  • Ready-made solutions for investment funds

Meet us at Faletti's Hotel Lahore. Our team will provide detailed answers to your questions and demonstrate how MetaQuotes technologies can contribute to the development of your business, cost reduction and efficient task management. Our booth numbers are 17 and 18.