New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 176.

What's new in MetaTrader 4

8 July 2005

MetaTrader4. Build 176.

What’s new:
1. Disabled working with objects by optimization process;
2. Added modelling a zero bar of the another’s period on the tested symbol;
3. During testing at indicator reference to the another’s period and symbol, the delay for pumping the missing data is executed;
4. The line of parameters is split with tab symbols during its copying into clipboard;
5. Updated optimization parameters search;
6. Added the feature of «tester.tpl» pattern usage by opening testing results charts;
7. Changed testing dates format to YYYY.MM.DD;
8. Added the feature to show input parameters in the optimization results tab;
9. Updated sorting by symbol in the list of open positions;
10. Updated experts reinitialization by account changing;
11. Updated TimeToStr() function;
12. Updating based on crash-logs.

MetaTrader 4. Build 175.

What’s new in MetaTrader 4. Build 175:
1. Added Strategy Tester. More detailed information in built-in help file of terminal;
2. You can open in offline mode the chart with generated testing data containing bar ticks;
3. Added sorting of orders in «Terminal» window;
4. Unused tabs of the terminal disappear;
5. Added the detailed report of account statement;
6. Added the feature of copying of news header into a clipboard;
7. Added expert reinitialization by changing accounts;
8. Added saving and loading the sets of input parameters of Expert Advisors;
9. Added the feature of automatic publication on FTP after changing account statement;
10. Updated quotations last time viewing in «Market Watch» window;
11. Updated account history refreshing by reconnection between various MetaTrader 4 servers;
12. Enhanced login and password fields of FTP properties;
13. Added viewing of seconds of last quotation time in «Market Watch» window header;
14. Updated ellipses, Fibonacci arcs and Gann tools scaling in indicator separate window;
15. In MQL4 functions added iBarShift(), AccountCompany(), CompanyName(), ClientTerminalName() functions;
16. Implemented additional scale of chart increase;
17. Added viewing of the contract specification (button «Properties») in the symbols list;
18. Updated histograms drawing;
19. Windows adjustments moved from registry to ’terminal.ini’ file;
20. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
21. Updated built-in help file and icons of terminal;
22. Updating based on crash-logs.