MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 192 Announcement

What's new in MetaTrader 4

21 April 2006

MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 192 will be released on 26 April, 2006.

What’s new:
1. Fixed error of libraries compiling.
2. Fixed error of history updating when changing accounts.
3. Fixed drawing of the list of open positions.
4. Fixed drawing of anchoring points for Equidistant Channel.
5. Only selected trendlines are available for grouped moving of objects.
6. Expert initialization function can only be called after all data have been income when starting the terminal or changing accounts.
7. МQL4: Added access to Fibo objects levels properties from programs.
8. MQL4: Fixed reading error for large strings with the FileReadString function.
9. Tester: Added optimization results cache.
10. Tester: Immediate stopping of testing when not enough memory.
11. Tester: The result is discarded if a testing limit has been reached during optimizing.
12. Tester: Added automated deletion of testing sequences in 28 days after the last access.
13. Tester: Manual changing of the «Recalculate» parameter is stored and applied at terminal starting.
14. Tester: Added automated controlling of the «Recalculate» parameter when working with testing data.
15. Tester: Added possibility to display optimization results as a 2D-graph.
16. Tester: Improved working with memory.
17. Tester: Fixed tooltips drawing on optimization graph.
18. Fixed opening of a new chart when there is a large amount of symbols available.
19. Added keeping saved of the Full Screen mode.
20. MetaEditor: Improved working when using two monitors.
21. MetaEditor: Fixed displaying of compilation error line pointer.
22. Enhanced saving of the terminal settings when using two monitors.
23. Added displaying of SL and TP for symbols processed in the Request mode.
24. Fixed drawing of objects in monthly charts.
25. Extended operation of the data publishing function: The Publisher now sends a GIF file, as well, if an detailed report is applied.
26. Added possibility to hide and show symbols as a group in the «Market Watch» window.
27. Fixed internal news and internal mail displaying.
28. Added the attempt to add the new or hidden symbols symbols in «Market Watch» at opening a profile with the charts containing these symbols.
29. Added the selection of objects from Object List window.
30. Fixed the final calculation of maximal drawdown in the detailed report.
31. Revised MetaEditor Dictionary.