MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal build 975: Displaying Expert ID

What's new in MetaTrader 5

1 August 2014

Trading Terminal

  1. Added display of a trade ID (magic number) set by an Expert Advisor. The ID is displayed as a tooltip in the list of open positions and orders, as well as in the trading history.

    Displaying Expert ID

  2. Optimized work with a large number of trading symbols (thousands and tens of thousands).
  3. Fixed display of alerts on the price chart. The alert's price level was sometimes displayed in the indicator's subwindow.
  4. Updated interface translations into Chinese, Turkish and Japanese.
  5. Fixed displaying the list of chart templates in the application's main menu.
  6. Fixed displaying the list of trade symbol sets in the context menu of Market Watch window.

MQL5 Language

  1. Fixed errors in working with built-in structures that could occasionally disrupt the operation of IndicatorParameters and MarketBookGet methods.
  2. Fixed type conversion from bool to string.
  3. Fixed working with virtual functions.
  4. Fixed an error in the operation of FileReadStruct and FileWriteStruct functions within EX5 libraries.
  5. Fixed a compiler error that occurred in case a key word was present in a comment.

Strategy Tester

  1. Fixed calculation of swaps in points when testing.
  2. Fixed passing the file defined in #property tester_file. An error occurred if the file was in the common folder of the client terminals.
  3. Greatly improved selection of the nearest cloud server by the tester agents working within MQL5 Cloud Network of distributed computing. Thus, their operation speed is increased significantly.


  1. Fixed text replacement when the list of MetaAssist tips is collapsed.

Fixed errors reported in crash logs.

Updated documentation.

The update is available through the LiveUpdate system.