MetaTrader 5 Platform Build 2280

What's new in MetaTrader 5

13 December 2019


  1. Fixed a bug which caused inability to delete an Expert Advisor from the chart having no data.
  2. Fixed chart header display under Wine.


  1. Improved loading and compilation speed of MQL5 programs.
  2. A double click on a chart is now passed as a single-click event to an MQL5 program. Previously, such events were not handled.
  3. Fixed StringTrimRight function operation.
  4. Added documentation for DirectX 3D visualization functions.


  1. Fixed a bug which cased the testing symbol in settings to be empty. The error could result from switching between trading accounts with different sets of trading instruments. The new behavior: if the previously selected symbol is not found in the currently connected trading account, the first available symbol In Market Watch is automatically selected instead.


  1. Fixed application icon loading when reopening project properties.

Updated user interface translations.
Fixes based on crash logs.