MetaTrader 5 build 2560: Built-in learning system improvements

What's new in MetaTrader 5

24 July 2020


  1. In the previous platform update, we have presented a completely revised learning system. Further improvements have been implemented in the latest version:
    • The progress bar icon has become more visible
    • The text of some hints has been revised
    • Learning progress calculation has been fixed
    Complete all lessons to start using the platform capabilities to the maximum.

  2. Optimized and significantly accelerated processing of large tick streams (with more than tens of thousands of ticks per minute).
  3. Fixed errors in the calculation of price changes relative to the previous session close price. To view this variable, enable the "Daily Change" column in the Market Watch context menu.


  1. Optimized and accelerated access to numerical chart properties via the ChartGetInteger function.
  2. Fixed custom indicator search, when such an indicator is requested from an MQL5 program via the iCustom function.


  1. Added compilation of C/C++ programs in projects.


  1. Significantly optimized work of the MQL5 Cloud Network. Now, the Network can distribute tasks and return calculation results faster due to the improved agent search efficiency.

Updated documentation.